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Helping our community in a time of need

How JeffStreet is helping our community while under the stay at home order.

The JeffStreet Leadership team has been trying to figure out how we can help in the community during this crazy time. Many of us as members of God's church desperately want to reach out and help when so many are obviously suffering. 

We have contacted a litany of authorities and organizations seeking out ways we can help. We have consistently gotten the same answer:

"We're grateful that you asked, but the best way to help for now and the foreseeable future is to stay home."

That's a hard thing to hear when we so badly want to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

So, given that there's no practical, physical need that we can meet that's not already being met by the awesome team doing food pantry deliveries, here's how we're going to help.

At a long virtual leadership meeting Saturday morning, the elders set aside $10,000.00 for community relief. $5000.00 will be set aside for the future needs of the food pantry. Right now that money is not needed, but we wanted to make sure that whatever comes, that team has the resources it needs to keep people fed. 

The other half of that money will be distributed to local restaurants and grocery stores to help out by paying for meals for people. Each person who receives a meal will also receive a flyer encouraging them to pay it forward if they don't need it, and to know that we are praying for them. 

We encourage you to stay home as much as possible. When you do go out, think about paying for the order behind you in line at the drive through, hand them one of these flyers to give to the people you've payed for, and make good on the promise to lift them up in prayer.

Here's the flyer for you to download and print at home.

In the meantime, church, please call your friends, family, neighbors and check on them. Pray for and with them. 

If you have or discover some specific need for help, let a leader know and we'll do what we can. 

If you do venture out to help someone in need, please follow all social distancing and safety precautions. (For example, homemade face coverings are now being recommended by the CDC.)

Be the church in the best way we can right now.

And wash your filthy hands!

Love from your leaders at JeffStreet!