No Fear


We believe when a man is transformed by Christ, and discipled by others, that can have lasting significance. If we can reach the man and have a positive change, then we believe that a man can change his family. And if he can change his family then he can help change his community, and if the community’s being touched positively, then ultimately he can touch the world.  


That’s also why we call our men’s ministry “No Fear.” Helping men to live on purpose for Christ is not easy. For starters, Satan doesn’t want that and will do what is needed to make sure it doesn’t happen. And because many men have dropped the baton in living for Christ even culture is a bit skeptical. Which is why “No Fear” is a call for men to live by faith. All men have giants in their lives. Giants can hold them captive, intimidating them and stealing their joy by using adversaries like rejection, distraction, anxiety, comfort, anger, and addiction to gain a foothold in their heart. “No Fear” wants to help men to become Davids and slay their giant.


  • Feel happier - Facing challenges alone doesn’t feel that great but being a part of a community where you share with others and they share with you can help one feel better.


  • Get stuff off your chest - Just talking about what you’re facing makes things easier and lighter.  Venting is healthy when done in the right place in the right way.


  • Get motivated & inspired - Every man goes through periods of apathy and even subtle depression.  Being around the guys and seeing their progress motivates and inspires.


  • Develop real friendships - Research shows that men have fewer close friends than ever.  Through a men’s group, guys will make new life-long, supportive friendships.

  • Contribute in a meaningful way - It feels good to be in community with others sharing similar goals and helping others achieve theirs.

Contact a leader for meetings, events, & more info

The men's ministry meets on the first Thursday of every month at 7pm.

If you would like more info as to what those gatherings consist of, please contact a leader and keep an eye on the "announcements" page of the church center app for any changes.

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