Minister of Worship and Arts

Questionnaire and Resume Submission Form

Minister of Worship and Arts Candidate Profile

We want our worship at JeffStreet to be rich, deep, joyful, and authentic – a worship experience where the songs ebb and flow one into another as we make a progression – moving deeper and higher with the Lord.  We are looking for a ministry leader who is passionate about worship, is anointed by God to lead, and outwardly displays that excitement. We are looking for someone who is excited about drawing and leading people to the feet of Jesus – someone who is not afraid of being expressive and helps create a joyful atmosphere where others feel comfortable to express themselves.  We are looking for a worship leader who understands that true worship not only engages the head but the heart as well – he or she will understand the healthy tension between Spirit and Truth. Spirit without Truth can lead to a shallow emotional experience. But Truth without Spirit can result in a dry and passionless encounter.

Character Profile: General – We believe a gifted worship leader is someone who:

  • Handles the Word of God well, maintains faithfulness to Truth.
  • Demonstrates the ability to be successful with little supervision, yet is able to work well with Senior Pastor and others.
  • Shows hospitality, builds rapport, and works toward connectedness.
  • Provides pastoral care, safety, and direction to those following.
  • Designs the worship service to flow and honor God and His story.
  • Develops unity and fuels chemistry.
  • Creates beauty and uses the arts to their fullest.
  • Holds conviction that worship is for God and to God and for His honor and glory.
  • Exhibits a trusting relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Values quality worship and is flexible in responding to the Holy Spirit.
  • Agrees with our Vision, Values, Mission, Doctrinal statement, etc.
  • Understands the importance of delegating versus doing.