Say hello to the team at JeffStreet Christian Church

Meet our Staff

Say hello to the leadership team at JeffStreet Christian Church. Got questions for the lead team at JeffStreet? Contact us by clicking here.

Michael Mallick- Senior Minister

Michael Mallick joined the team at JeffStreet in 2014. Since then, he has served as JeffStreets Senior Minister. Michael is married to his wife Beth and they have six kids collectively.

Ken Kohler - Family Life Minister

Ken Kohler is our new Family Life Minister as of March 2019. He is excited to be a part of the team and bring Jesus into the hearts of our children. Ken is married to Nicole and they have 3 beautiful children.

Wayne Wilkinson - Interim Worship Leader

Wayne Wilkinson is serving as our Interim Worship Leader. He's been a member of JeffStreet since 2011 and an active member of the worship team ever since.

Alex Mulcahey - Interim Youth Minister

Alex Mulcahey has served as our Interim Youth Minister since Fall of 2018.

Beth Farwell - Receptionist

Beth Farwell is a charter member of JeffStreet since 1971. She has been serving as our receptionist and "Chief Editor" since 2008 after retiring from teaching 1st grade.

Stephanie Wilkinson - Operations Manager

Stephanie Wilkinson has been a part of the Jeffstreet family since 2010 and joined the team in 2015. Stephanie is married to Wayne and they have two children.

Jeremy Pollock - Property Manager

Jeremy Pollock has served as our Property Manager since 2016. He grew up attending JeffStreet and has close ties to his church family. He and his wife Heather live on a small farm outside of Lincoln.

Zachary Chapman - Property Manager Assistant

Zachary Chapman has been a JeffStreeter since Jr. High and is now serving as the Property Manager Assistant while attending Lincoln Christian University.