A JeffStreet Ministry for Lincoln


Putting God’s love into action by repairing homes and hearts


HammerHeads is a ministry of Jefferson Street Christian Church that seeks to provide vulnerable homeowners (hurting, low income, widows, single mothers, seniors, those with disabilities, veterans) with basic home repairs. Projects could include minor painting, light bulb replacement, air filter change, handicap ramp installation, etc. Where there is a need, no job is too small. However, there are projects and repairs that HammerHeads will not and cannot do – roofing, electrical, framing, foundation, and plumbing. 

The repairs – although basic:

-      Help make homes safer

-      Allow more accessibility for people with disabilities

-      Provide homeowners comfort and ability to live independently longer

-      Show and share the love of Jesus with people in need

Projects that Hammerheads cannot do

  • Roofing
  • Electrical
  • Framing
  • Foundation Repair
  • Plumbing

HammerHeads Qualifying Criteria

  • You must own and live in the home that is in need of repair and plan to continue living in that home for at least 3 years after the repair.
  • You must be current on your mortgage and taxes.
  • You must possess homeowners insurance on the property.
  • You have no liens on the property.

disqualifying criteria

  • You own more than one property.
  • You have a reverse mortgage.
  • If you are renting or are a landlord.

If you meet all the above criteria, please continue to the form below to signup to have your repairs done.